Replacement metal set for melted plastic items.

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ID: NBF 002 BRITAINS JCB 5C track wheel replacements
Melted original & new wheel set

Set of 6 white-metal "sprockets" & "idler" wheels to replace age-melted original plastic items on all eras of JCB 5C & later non-designated 360 degree tracked excavators.

Early,spring-tensioned chassis types can be simply replaced by carefully peeling back the oozed plastic from around the tracks so the latter can be eased off the melted wheels and the new metal ones installed in their place. The extra stub axles being used in the pair that are retained in the sliding chassis that tensions the track under spring pressure.

Later types require the outer plate to have their retaining rivets ground / filed back before prizing it off to expose the 3 wheels which are all the same. Once the new wheels have replaced the plastic ones the outer plate can then be glued back in position or drilled / tapped and screwed and the scars painted.

Unpainted due to the variation in shade over the decades that could be matched by experimenting with mixing a Lemon yellow and our TMY6 enamel available at extra cost.