NZG, JCB, FORD Replacement Decals

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ID: NZG,JCB,FORD model replacement decals.

Top quality individual waterslide decals for construction/plant models by NZG & Matchbox SUPERKINGS. Simply soak for 1/2 minute in tepid water before sliding off into position.

1 in image: FORD 550 Loader/Backhoe set, 6 separate items ready to slide off into position;no pre-cutting required.

Correct font (unlike original NZG decals) for the bonnet sides,cab-roof front & dipper sides plus the front grille. £10/set inc p & p.

2 in image:JCB 807B. Transform your Matchbox SUPERKINGS JCB 808 excavator toy into the earlier 807B which appears to me to be identical externally (?) 7 individual decals ready to slide off in place of the models original stickers. May also suit similar NZG items? £10/set inc p &p.

3 in image: JCB 3CX, a 7 piece decal set including the "another GENUINE JCB" cabroof front logo not on the NZG model but a feature on many of the real machines.

4 in image:FORD 4550, a 7  piece decal set for the "numberless"NZG FORD loader backhoe. Front grille, cab back & front plus boom and dipper both sides. £10/set inc p & p.

5 in image:JCB 3CII,4early,stepped-edge/shadow style logos with a pair of "3CII"rear mudguard decals for the first NZG backhoe models; a complete set for renovating the diecast models.£10/set inc p & p.

6 in image:JCB 3CIII,similar set as above but includes "another GENUINE JCB" for the cabroof front that was not an NZG fitment but appropriate for this era machine plus the later "3CIII" rear mudguard decals.                                               A set of 7 separate items.£10 inc p & p.

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