Whats going on in the world of Model tractors...

OCTOBER 16th 2011- TOYTRAC,Wincanton, another lovely day:The "Pre-Force" 6X FORD
5000 kits (T100 & T101) are now supplied on 12 X 38 rears but today are joined by 15 X 30
versions, the '64 on fixed centres (Cat.No.111) and the '67  on track - adjustable 8 bolt
centres (Cat. No.112) only 50 of each to be made.
  Decals for several JCB & FORD construction/plant models were announced to assist with
renovation of NZG items: 3C II,3CIII,3CX,4550 & 550 loader/backhoes & the SUPERKINGS
model of the JCB 808 being able to be an 807B.

OCTOBER 2nd 2011 - In amazingly warm weather we showed our new kits at Spalding of the
1969 LEYLAND "Nuffield" 344 (cabless) tractor (Cat.No. T109) on 13 x 32 rear wheels and
the 1973 BRAY FOUR 70 (Cat.No.110) on completely new to us, 15 x 30 tyres of a pattern not
unlike the Firestone F151 "All Field & Road" of that era, only 50 kits to be made and 100 of the
  The ready- built LEYLANDs were added-to with the launch of the safety-cabbed 1971 344 &
'73, 255 models on 13 X 32 or 12 X 36 rears, both limited to 100 units worldwide and sporting
the seat,exhaust and decal changes appropriate for each era.

 APRIL 2011- The COUNTY Ploughman 50 kit (Cat.No.T108) was launched at the Spring
Spalding model tractor fair plus a tow chain sporting cast ring and hook on its ends.(AT35)
The crawler is our first agricultural version to feature the Fordson POWER Major skid unit
and has the heavy duty 8 stud rear axle with the rounded front grille shroud.Looking very
different in blue & orange as opposed to the later yellow tractors with this feature and the
rear sprocket new to this model, just 50 kits are to be made.
    Our built LEYLANDs were added-to with the wide-wheeled versions of the 384 & 270,a new
15 X 30 rear wheel appearing for the first time. Just 100 of each are to be made available.

FEBRUARY 2011 - Wheel-melt on the BRITAINS JCB 5C and later tracked excavators can be permanently cured with our replacement set of metal items. The tracks themselves seem not to age even after several decades, so fitment of our exclusive items will restore functionality aswell as appearance. See new thumbnail for pictures.

June 2010 - Our first ever Limited Edition built-up models in presentation boxes are now available online. These LEYLAND tractors are the first cabbed models of the 384 & 270 to be available worldwide in true detail, all metal construction, with glazed cabs. See the separate " LEYLAND tractors ready-built" pages.


11th April 2010 -The Spring Spalding Show  that we have always been present at since its inception over 20 years ago saw us release the long awaited ROADLESS half-track version of the later FORDSON E27N with big front wheels, kit no.T107. Developed in conjunctiuon with the Forestry Commission the undriven front wheels climbed obstacles and ditches with ease compared to the standard front wheels. The more elaborate cast idler wheels on the track units are also a new feature making this model very different from our existing half-track kit ,T022.


15th September ''09- Just released, a fully working model of one of the most common of all arable/mixed farm implements is the triple-gang Cambridge ring roller set. (AT34)  Used mainly for firming freshly sown seedbeds or clod destruction in the preparation thereof, our gang has individual rings and folding stays like the real ones and precision pierced rivet holes for rigid assembly.

 Every model farm should have one!!


1st April-well our new quins are here !!... yes 5 new babies arrived (note the date!) in the form of our Fordson Dextas and Super Dextas with ROADLESS 4wd which will have their first public airing at TRACTOR 2009, Spalding, Lincs  on Sunday the 5th April at the Springfields centre, an event that we have attended since its first show some 20+ years ago. Kits of these will be available in late April and are of the 1959,'' 61 & '' 64 Dextas plus the 2 styles of Super Dexta from '' 62 & '' 64;-''64 versions being the "New Performance" blue & grey liveries. Pictures should soon be posted in the ROADLESS category of the built tractor kits. Once again these are a world first for SCALEdown : a model of a tractor never before made available to the discerning collector in 1/32 scale.

29th Dec 08  Well, I finally got round to developing the site after 4(or more?) years. Welcome to all that stumble across us, from customers of more than 25 years standing to those of you who have never heard of us before.

    We usually bring out about 4 new models a year on average,as development time can amount to years with our limited resources and keenness to get the detail right, 2008 saw the FORDSON Super Dextas and 2 versions of the early FORD 5000 pre-"Force" 6X series, launched (not to be confused with other makers products).

Autumn ''09 will see the launch of our first "Ready-built" model tractors for those who prefer just to collect rather than build aswell, but these first 2 models will only be available as limited editions of just 500 units each worldwide and will be all metal, cabbed tractors with the same detail as our kits and not suitable to attach other manufacturers "play" implements to, purely static display pieces.

 Any comments on the site are welcome, click on the item photo for more pictures and information.   Thanks for looking-Nigel & Cathy.


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