The History of SCALEdown Models,The MODEL TRACTOR Co.

SCALEdown models,The Model Tractor Co. are a leading British manufacturerer of 1/32 scale model tractors & farm machinery replicas and scale models in kit form. The company offers a range of collectors models cast in white metal and brass.They are recognised worldwide as superb farm machine and model tractor manufacturers producing highly desirable collectors models of precision quality.

The company was founded in the early 1980's by the late Brian Parks when he left the post of manager of the SCALEXTRIC factory in Havant, Hampshire, before its take-over by Hornby.
THE MODEL TRACTOR Co, a division of SCALEdown Models first produced model stationery engines, venturing into model tractor production in 1981 at the suggestion of Bill and Jean Richardson of J.W. Toys, Bedfordshire, farmers and toy dealers, who subsequently pioneered the farm toy ''swapmeet'' in the UK in their farm buildings a few years later.
At the time only BRITAINS FARM toys were available for the model tractor collector in 1/32 scale in the UK as even ERTL were only producing 1/16 scale for the occasional real tractor dealer to sell, although one or two kit makers were appearing around that time in various scales.

Having been a collector of models from the early 1960's, Nigel Ford began modifying second hand toy tractors picked-up from autojumbles as he hunted out tools for the farm workshop, and at toy swapmeets that were in their infancy at the time, converting them during evenings and weekends whilst still farming. In the mid 80's he exhibited these at the first specialist model tractor events in Bedfordshire and Lincolnshire where he continued to expand his collection of collectors models and build his reputation for authentic modified models of farm machines.

When he & his brother decided to sell their East Sussex farming and contracting business in the late 90's on the retirement of their parents, Nigel was keen to find out more about the manufacture of model tractors in white metal and agreed to purchase SCALEdown from Brian whom he'd known for 15 years or so, once he and his wife Cathy had investigated the business. They both come from generations of farmers and living a close association of real machines to the industry.

Produced in an old piggery their white-metal and brass kits require very little preparation before assembly with epoxy or superglue and finishing with their exclusive range of correct colour enamels, all tools and supplies being available from them to obtain that perfect finish to these world-wide acclaimed 1/32 scale masterpieces, the European favourite scale. All kits are supplied with rubber tyres, decals and badges where appropriate and easily followed assembly instructions. A build up service is available at additional cost with several weeks wait often required, approximately double the kit price.